Youth (GR. 7-12)

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Read on down for some messages to youth and parents.

“Youth” at King’s Corner are all those great people who find themselves in Grade 7 to 12, so if you’re not sure where you fit in, just ask!

We have a pastor specifically for the youth, and that’s me, Pastor Skip. Helping youth connect with God and the other people of the church, young and old, is my job and my joy. There are a few things we do each week to help make that happen. Here’s a sum-up:
Junior High – Grades 7-9:
We meet here at King’s Corner each Wednesday of the school year, from 6pm to 7:30. Usually we start off with a game in the gym, then move into some eating, with a good discussion about God and life.

Senior High – Grades 10-12:

We usually meet each Friday of the school year, from 7pm-9:00, but we’re going to change the time and location every so often for good reasons.
When we meet at King’s Corner, we’re going to spend that time enjoying food, each other’s company, and some mind-blowing conversation (along with an occasional surprise activity!). Other times we’ll get out for some big activities, including linking up with other churches, so watch for announcements related to those time and place changes.
You parents are so crucial to your children, no matter what age they are, and that relationship is always in transition. I am here as a support to you and your teens. If you ever want to talk about this ministry and what’s going on with your kids, please contact me in whatever way you are most comfortable.
Send me an e-mail at
Call the church office: 306-545-2288