Men's Ministries

I really enjoy getting to hang out with other men and talk about life without feeling judged.
Aaron Harder
Life Group Leader

Picture this: a dynamic brotherhood of men coming together every Monday night for the ultimate touchdown experience, diving into the heart of Monday Night Football. As the cheers and camaraderie echo through the room, the bonds formed over touchdowns extend far beyond the field. But the story doesn’t end there. Midweek, these same men reconvene for Wings on Wednesdays, a tradition that goes beyond the love of savory bites. It’s a time for connection, real talks, and biblical discussions. The shared excitement of football and the savory aroma of wings serve as the backdrop for genuine conversations about life, faith, and everything in between. In this unique blend of sports, sustenance, and spirituality, these men are creating a space where the victories on the field are just as meaningful as the victories in their shared journey of life and faith.