JR YOUTH Grades 6-8

Game Time!
Jr Youth is a fun place for me to hang with friends and learn about God
Kings Corner Youth

Calling all junior youth from grades 6-8! Join us every Wednesday from 6-7:30 pm for an exciting evening packed with worship, games, Bible studies, and small groups. We’ll dive into heartfelt worship, engage in thrilling games, explore the wisdom of the Bible, and build lasting connections in small groups.


We kick things off with an electrifying worship session that will ignite your heart and spirit.

Then we dive into the life-changing truths of the Bible. Our engaging Bible studies will take you on a journey of discovery. Through interactive discussions and thought-provoking activities, we’ll uncover valuable insights

But hold on tight because the fun doesn’t stop there! Brace yourself for a whirlwind of laughter, excitement, and friendly competition during our thrilling game sessions. From exhilarating team challenges to engaging brain teasers, we’ll put your skills and teamwork to the test. Get ready to unleash your energy and discover your hidden talents!

Once a month, we join forces with the senior youth for unforgettable outings. Together, we embark on thrilling adventures, exploring new horizons and creating lasting memories. These outings provide an opportunity to build bonds across different age groups and learn from one another.

So, if you’re ready for an epic midweek experience like no other, join us each Wednesday from 6-7:30pm!