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Get Connected at KC!

Whether you are a long-time believer seeking to deepen your understanding or someone who is exploring the Christian faith, I invite you to join us for a special gathering where we will explore the significance and purpose of servanthood. It will be an inclusive and open discussion, suitable for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

During this time together, we will share stories, explore Scripture, and discuss the life-changing impact that serving can have on our spiritual walk. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, seek clarity, and discover how serving can be a meaningful step for you.

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, we believe that God’s love and grace are available to all. So, come as you are, without any expectations or requirements. We welcome you with open arms. 

Sign Up if you would like information on the upcoming growth track, including the date, time, and location. We look forward to welcoming you into our loving and supportive community.

May God’s peace and blessings be with you always.

Brett Blair

lead pastor
Intro lunch

Intro Lunch

Would you like to get to know Kings Corner Church, or serve in a ministry?  Sign Up Today!

We will contact you with the information of the next session.

Growth Track

Learn how to get involved @ Kings Corner

Discovering Your Potential & Place in the Body of Christ & Kings Corner Church.


Church 101 – Discovering Your Potential & Place in the Body of Christ & Kings Corner Church.

Current Study:

The purpose of this session is for you to learn all about Kings Corner Church – who we are, what we do and why we do it.  We will talk about our vision & mission, our beliefs, our ministry structure, goals and our governance.

Other Things You Should Know:

This session will help you decide if you would like to become part of the Kings Corner Family and do ministry with us.


Discovery 201 – Discovering your Purpose in the Body of Christ & Kings Corner Church

Current Study:

At Kings Corner we don’t believe anyone should be standing on the sidelines but everyone should be in the game serving in the Kingdom of God.  This session identifies how your design helps to determine your destiny & purpose.  In this session we connect 3 dots : your personality, your God-given spiritual gifts, and your passions and interests.  

Other Things You Should Know:

By understanding how God has made us we can know how God wants to use us.


Dream Team 301 – Joining King’s Corner Church Dream Team

Current Study:

This session is an invitation to Kings Corner’s DREAM TEAM.  The Kings Corner Dream Team is made up of all our volunteers who serve in our ministries.  This session allows you to meet and greet all of our ministries leaders and ask any questions you may have regarding ministries that you might be interested in serving in.  this session also includes a Kings Corner Child Protection Presentation & Training.

Other Things You Should Know:

Anyone serving at Kings Corner must have this training.



Have you ever wondered about the significance of baptism? 

Baptism is a meaningful step in one’s spiritual journey. It is a public declaration of your faith in Jesus Christ and a symbol of your desire to follow Him.

Fill out this form if you would like to know more or think that you are ready to take the plunge!


Volunteer in Ministry

Are you looking for a way  to volunteer in ministry? Sign up for our Growth Track intro lunch above. You can get to know Kings Corner, and learn more about serving. Here are some ministries that you could be a part of.  Don’t see one that you think should be there? Let us know during one of the growth track sessions.  Click the link to go straight to the sign up form.

Audio/Video technicians make sure the music and preaching is heard and seen with excellence and clarity!

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Elementary small group leaders sit with kids during large-group teaching time and come prepared to lead a small group utilizing a lesson plan provided.

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For musicians and vocalists that are willing to give of their talents. If you sing and/or play any instrument including drums, bass, piano, acoustic/electric guitar or other, apply for the music team! Involvement includes participation in any/all venues where music is supported. Application, audition, and background check required.

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Would you like to be a Life Group Host? Sign up for a growth track and talk to us about what you would like to do.

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Each month we serve the community through public service, and even meal delivery. If you are interested in serving our neighbors, sign up!

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Join our team as a volunteer, and  let’s craft an atmosphere of genuine warmth, and heartfelt hospitality.

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Hey there! Are you passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of young people? Join our vibrant and dynamic youth program as a volunteer and become a part of a community that believes in empowering and inspiring the next generation to reach their full potential. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to make a difference!

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